S2 2018 Linguistic Courses open for Enrolment

S2 2018 Linguistic Courses open for Enrolment
Tuesday 10 July 2018

We have some amazing classes on offer in S2 2018 including:

LING1002 - Language and Society, Do we see our world through the language we speak or does everyone see the world in the same way? Are all languages equal? What does it mean to speak a dialect of a language? What is language variation? How do we show our identity through language?

LING2010 - Sounds of the Worlds Languages, Speech is the most important medium through which we convey our ideas, emotions and identity. We investigate the range of sounds used in the world's languages (Phonetics), and the ways they are used (Phonology)

LING2013 - Teaching Languages, Students will explore techniques and methods of language teaching as well as how instruction is carried out in a range of teaching contexts, from classroom instruction to online language learnin

LING2015 - Language, Culture and Tradition, This course explores the relationship between language and culture, and its implications for translation.

LING2017 - Chinese Linguistics, A range of Chinese varieties will be studied, with respect to the sound system, lexicon and sentence structure, cultural meanings and the writing system. (No knowledge of chinese language is required)

LING2020 - Structure of English, this course investigates the elements of the English language and how these elements are organised in such a way as to allow speakers and writers to combine them to convey messages which can be instantly decoded by listeners (readers).

LING2029 - Assessing Language, This course introduces theoretical and practical aspects of language assessment. It covers key concepts in language testing, such as reliability, validity, fairness, usefulness and models of communicative competence, as well as practical aspects, such as test design, test analysis and item writing

LING3031 - Papuan Languages, This course will examine the so-called Papuan languages, which are the 800 or so languages of Melanesia and surrounding areas (from Timor to the Solomon Islands) which do not belong to the Austronesian family - and which are famed as coming from the most linguistically diverse region on earth

LING3126 - Syntactic Theory, Students will develop an advanced understanding of the morphosyntactic structures of human languages, and of the concepts and goals of syntactic analysis to make sense of such structures.

LANG8027 - Quantitative Research Methods in Linguistics, Quantitative Research Methods in Linguistics provides essential skills for anyone who wants to undertake quantitative analysis in linguistics, including applied linguistic

HUMN4001/8032 - Writing for the Research Process, The course will provide hands-on experience in essential components of research: critically assessing and synthesising relevant literature; developing research questions; disseminating research though conference presentations and publishing; and the use of tools to help in this

LANG3001, Translation across the languages, A study of the issues which arise in the process of translating literary texts

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