The Body at Work: Gender, Labour, Migration


Leslie Barnes
The Body at Work: Gender, Labour, Migration

Le corps à la besogne: Genre, travail, migration

**All seminars will take place at 12:30pm CEST (Paris), 9:30pm AEDT (Canberra), 6:30am EDT (New York) To register, please contact Leslie Barnes (**

What constitutes work and how is it valued? Who relocates for work – under what conditions and with what results? What are the physical and psychic effects of certain kinds of labor? Reflecting deep concerns with the reach of capital, in both its historical and contemporary forms, the aim of this seminar series is to pose questions about how bodies are identified, exploited, and displaced across different regimes of labour. From sex work to construction, from agricultural day labour to domestic services, such regimes often depend on a mass of unseen workers. They also increasingly rely on the transfer of labour power from poorer (and often formerly colonized) countries to wealthier ones. The contributors in this series seek to make visible the invisible work sustaining the new global economy and to interrogate the relationship between the free flow of capital and the limited mobility of the working poor.

Past events

Unpaid Work in Context(s): Labour Migration, Gender and the Varieties of Home-work

15 Dec 2020

Manuela Martini is Professor of Contemporary History at Université Lyon 2, where her current research projects explore remuneration and use of time among women...

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On Emancipation and Exploitation through Unpaid Reproductive Labour: Some Evidence from Urban-to Rural Migration in France

1 Dec 2020

If historical feminist movements, such as wages for housework, have been fighting for the recognition and remuneration of labour taking place in the personal...

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BUMIDOM: The French Dream? Caribbean Migration in Literature and Culture

17 Nov 2020

In the post-war era, and following departmentalization in 1947, huge waves of migrants from Guadeloupe and Martinique arrived in metropolitan France to...

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Gendering ‘Hospitality’: Volunteer Labour and (Im)Mobile Men

3 Nov 2020

‘This is free, it’s for everyone.’ Such is the claim that underpins a whole range of food distribution practices, which are more and more structurally embedded...

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Déportées, exploitées, déshumanisées: La condition féminine dans les camps de concentration nazis

20 Oct 2020

Pour des motifs aussi bien pseudo-scientifiques que politiques, les femmes ont été particulièrement menacées par le régime nazi à partir de l’ouverture du camp...

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Cambodia’s “Wandering Souls”: Migratory Labour and the Promise of Connection

6 Oct 2020

In this essay I explore the intersecting themes of gender, labour and migration in Rithy Panh’s documentary film, La Terre des âmes errantes (2000), which...

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