Graduated HDR students


Cathy Bow (PhD)
Entanglements of digital technologies and Indigenous language work in the Northern Territory

Qiong He (PhD)
"Nothing Can Happen Nowhere": Trauma and Place in Elizabeth Bowen's Writing

Fiona Manning (MPhil)
A Survey of the Functions of Similes in Homer’s Odyssey

Luisa Moore (PhD)
Textual Critique through the Artist's Eye: John Austen's Illustrated Hamlet

Bernice Murphy (PhD)
Images, Institutions and Evolving Nation: Transformations in Australian art, museums, and the cultural imaginary in the 20th century

Karen Possingham (PhD)
Tales for All Time: The Role of Emotions in Modern Receptions of Homeric Epic

Adrienne White (PhD)
Post-Traumatic Stress in Archaic and Classical Greece

Bianca Williams (PhD)
From Redstockings to Reconciliation: A transnational, feminist study of Pregnancy Belly Casting Practices


Aser Altalib (PhD)
L2 Motivation and the Type of English Course: A Mixed-Methods Investigation of the Dynamic Features of Future L2 Selves among EFL Students at Saudi Universities

James Bednall (PhD)
Temporal, aspectual and modal expression in Anindilyakwa, the language of the Groote Eylandt Archipelago, Australia

Matthew Callaghan (PhD)
I'm Talking tu vos: A Comparative Study of Morphosyntactic Variation and Change in the Chilean Second-person Singular

Katie Cox (PhD)
Superpowered Security: The cruel optimism of national security in Marvel's 'Iron Man' films

Imogen Mathew (PhD)
Essays on the Production and Reception of Anita Heiss's Writing

Thomas Nulley-Valdes (PhD)
McOndo (Explained) in the Latin American Literature-World

Judith Owen (MPhil)
An Evaluation of the Celtic Hypothesis for Brythonic Celtic influence on Early English

Fariba Shirali (PhD)
Disagreement in Persian Academic Discussions

Lansheng Zhang (PhD)
The Spirit of Individualism: Avant-Garde Art in Shanghai 1979-1989


Michelle Almiron (PhD)
Beyond the Aesthetics and Social Contextualisation of José Hernández’s Martín Fierro:  An Unmasking of the Myth of the Literary Creator and the Literary Creation

Nguyen Bui (PhD)
Networked Professional Learning in Intercultural Language Education: A Case Study of a Small Connectivist Open Online Course (SCOOC)

Tania Evans (PhD)
Cripples and Bastards and Broken Things: Masculinity, Violence, and Abjection in A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones

Suzanne Faigan (PhD)
An Annotated Bibliography of Mariya Yakovlevna Frumkina (Esther)

Kathryne Ford (PhD)
"I lost courage and burned the rest": Biofiction, Legacy and the Hero-Protagonist split in Charles Dikens's life-writing novels

Sydney Kingstone (PhD)
Mapping Australian English: An exploration of perceived and reported regional variation

Airlie Lawson (PhD)
Conditions of Access: Mapping the value of Australian novels in the twenty-first century global marketspace

Martha Liew (PhD)
The Emergence of a New Public Art in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong from 1990 to 2012

John Nash (PhD)
Rulers of the Sea - Maritime Strategy and Sea Power in Ancient Greece 550-321 BC

William Peyton (PhD)
Foreign Literary Influence in Liu Cixin's Diqiu Wangshi

Lauren Sadow (PhD)
An NSM-based cultural dictionary of Australian English: from theory to practice

Jonathon Zapasnik (PhD)
Precarious Proximities: A Symptomatological Reading of Intimacy in Anglophone HIV/AIDS Life Writing


Sulamith Graefenstein (PhD)
Museums, Memory and Human Rights: A Transnational and Comparative Case (restricted)

Jessica Hewenn (PhD)
Unsettling: Settler Colonial Environments in Neo-Victorian Fiction

Dianne Longley (PhD)
The Development of a Print Culture in South Australia Post-WWII to 2008: institutions, politics and personalities

Jackson Moore (PhD)
The Queer Novels of Patrick White

Anuparna Mukherjee (PhD)
The Haunted City: Calcutta and the Legacy of Nostalgia

Ashma Sharma (PhD)
Transnational Lives, Relational Selves: South Asian Diasporic Memoirs

Frances Thomson (PhD)
Tate Adams and the Australian Printmaking Revival of the 1960s

Alexandra Walton (PhD)
Bold Impressions: Collecting artists prints at the Imperial War Museum and Australian War Memorial


Sally Dixon
Alyawarr children's variable present temporal reference expression in two, closely-related languages of Central Australia

Gian Marco Farese
The Cultural Semantics of Forms of Address: A Contrastive Study between English and Italian

Ian Hodges
'He belonged to Wagga': The Great War, the AIF and returned soldiers in an Australian country town

Belle Joseph
Interior Freedom in the French-Language Poetry Written in the Concentration Camps (1943-45)

Stephanie Kizimchuk
Mizrahi Memoirs: History, Memory and Identity in Displacement

John Milner
Dirt Sound: Tracking Cultural Representations in the Soundtracks of Contemporary Australian Landscape Cinema 





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