Effective communication in clinical handover

Effective communication in clinical handover

This project focussed on clinician to clinician communication in clinical handover in five hospitals across Australia. In collaboration with partner organisations and clinicians, the team translated the comprehensive, descriptive frameworks into innovative evidence-based interventions and policy recommendations. Our policy recommendations and the handover model we developed for effective clinical handover communication have informed the new standard on Communicating for Patient Safety, developed by the Australian Commission for the Safety and Quality in Healthcare. We developed and delivered training to 340 nurses across the Canberra Hospital. The post-training evaluations demonstrated significant changes in practice. The success of this intervention resulted in further funding for other projects in Australia and Hong Kong.

This was a three year Australian Research Council Linkage grant with funding from the ARC and the Linkage partners. 

Project team:

  • Diana slade (Lead CI)
  • Lesley Farrell
  • Elizabeth Trickett
  • John Walsh
  • Jon Juriedini
  • Malccolm Battersby
  • Christy Pirone
  • Dorothy Jones
  • Phillip Della
  • Ted Stewart-Wynne
  • James Dunne
  • Elizabeth Manias
  • Bernadette Watson
  • Jacqui Bear


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