Attic Black-Figure Lekythos - 1962.02

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Attic Black-Figure Lekythos. 

The scene on the body has Herakles fighting the Amazons. In the centre Herakles, wearing his lionskin and wielding his club charges right over a falling Amazon to meet another attacking from the right, spear and shield raised. A third Amazon in similar pose moves off to the left; she carres a Boeotian shield by contrast with the round shields of the other two.

White is added for the flesh of the Amazons and for Herakles’ club; note that the last is painted directly over the clay. Red is added for the helmet plumes, the stripes on the tunic of the left Amazon, the belt and skirt of Herakles’ chitoniskos, the shield rims of the centre and right Amazons, and for the dots decorating the scabbards of the left and right Amazons.

Above the scene is a dot-band. The shoulder and neck were given a white ground with, on the shoulder, a zone of lotus buds with bars above. The mouth is black inside and out and there is a band of red on the top. The outside and the edges of the handle are black. There is a red line on the broad black band below the scene and another two at the top of the black on the lower wall. The underside is reserved as is a band on the vertical face of the foot.

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