Attic Red-Figure Column-Krater - 1964.01

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Attic Red-Figure Column-Krater. 

A: Two men in Thracian dress with their horses. B: Three youths wearing himatia.

On the top of the lip is a garland of ivy with dot helichryse; palmettes on the handle flanges. On the outer edge of the lip is a frieze of boars and lions in silhouette technique. The neck is decorated on side A with lotus buds linked in groups of five; it is black on B. Both scenes have ivy side borders and tongues above. A line of added red, now worn, runs around the vase at the level of the bottom on the scenes. There are incised lines about the fillet between body and foot; the lower part of the foot and the underside are reserved. There is a glaze wash inside the vase.

On side A, both men wear the cap known as an alopekis (fox-skin) on their heads and a stiff sort of cloak known as a zeira over a heavy decorated chiton. One cannot see their boots. The figure on the left is bearded and he is therefore older, and the way that the other looks round to him shows that, whoever else he may be, he is a respected, senior figure. His beard is shown as light in colour, but one cannot say whether that means that it is grey, or (perhaps more likely) fair or blond in colour. Both figures carry lances (the head of the older man’s appears by his horse’s head) and the young man carries twin lances (as he should), as one can see from the lower part even if the painter seems to have combined them into a single element above his hand.

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