Attic Red-Figure Loutrophoros-Hydria - 2008.07

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Attic Red-Figure Loutrophoros-Hydria. Somewhat lustrous black glaze, slightly misfired in places. There is no wash inside. The inner faces of the side handles are reserved. All the reserved surfaces are reddened. On the upper face of the mouth, there is a band of black just within the lip. The upper part of the inner face of the neck is painted. The underside of the mouth is black and decorated in added white with a waving line and at the outer edge with a band of zigzag.

On the neck is a scene of two women, each wearing chiton and himation and with headbands in added white about their hair. The one on the left holds a sash in her right hand, the one on the right a torch. There is no relief contour. The area of the neck behind the handle is reserved. There is a series of vertical strokes on the band at the base of the neck both at the front of the vase and in the spaces between the side and rear handles. On the shoulder in the same areas are tongues.

On the body is a scene of a charioteer driving a quadriga, right. Behind him a youth wearing a himation and leaning on a staff looks back to the left, past a stele, towards a mature man who runs forward in front of the chariot group carrying a pair of torches. He wears a chitoniskos and cloak and has a petasos slung about his neck. On the wall between the onlooker and the charioteer are two sashes. On the lower wall, rays.

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