Corinthian Red-Figure Squat Lekythos - 1973.11

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Corinthian Red-Figure Squat Lekythos. 

Intact and in good condition. Pale, smooth, hard-fired clay, barely visible. The handle is of segmental section; ring foot, its outer face in two degrees, the inner concave and offset from the underside of the floor. Fairly lustrous black glaze. The underside is reserved and reddened.There are also traces of reddening on the other reserved areas; it was added after the application of the white. The mouth is completely painted, inside and out.

On the body are two women about a stele. The woman on the left (dressed in chiton and himation) holds forward a bird in her right hand. The woman on the right (in chiton) holds a sash in her right hand and an alabastron in her left. There are three eggs on the top of the stele. White was added for the left woman’s stephane, bracelet and a dot at the bottom left corner of her skirt; for the eggs on the stele; for the right woman’s stephane and hair ribbons, bracelets, the top of the alabastron and the ribbons at the bottom of the sash. On the neck, tongue pattern.

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