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ANU offers an outstanding variety of programs for Australia's next generation of language leaders. On campus and/or innovative online courses are offered from beginning to advanced levels, and various enrolment options provide for different student needs and goals.

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Researchers and Research Areas of Expertise

Dr Leslie Barnes: Literature In French; Postcolonial Studies; Comparative Literature Studies; Cinema Studies; South East Asian Literature (Excl. Indonesian); Migration

Dr Manuel Delicado Cantero: Language In Time And Space (Incl. Historical Linguistics, Dialectology); Linguistic Structures (Incl. Grammar, Phonology, Lexicon, Semantics); Iberian Languages; Linguistics; Comparative Language Studies; Applied Linguistics And Educational Linguistics

Dr Ashok Collins: Philosophy; Philosophy Of Religion; Religion And Religious Studies; Cultural Studies; French Language; Literature In French; Comparative Literature Studies; European History (Excl. British, Classical Greek And Roman)

Dr Ksenia Gnevsheva: Linguistics; Language Studies; Language in Culture and Society (Sociolinguistics); Applied Linguistics and Educational Linguistics; English as a Second Language; Central and Eastern European Languages (incl. Russian)

Dr Maureen Gallagher : Literature in German; German Language; Postcolonial Studies; Culture, Gender, Sexuality; Critical Race and Critical Whiteness Studies

Dr Solène Inceoglu: Second language acquisition; Acquisition of French as a second language; Second language speech perception and production: Psycholinguistics; Classroom interaction

Dr Gemma King: Cinema Studies; French Language; Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross Cultural Studies; Museum Studies; Screen and Media Culture; Literature in French

Dr Wesley Lim : 19th-21st German and Austrian Literature and Culture, Dance Studies, Performance Studies, Cinema and Media Studies (esp. Screendance), Figure Skating Studies, Urban Studies

Dr Susy Macqueen: Applied Linguistics; Teaching and learning of additional languages; Lexicogrammatical patterning; Language assessment; Sociocultural theory; Emergence and complex systems approaches; Communication in heathcare contexts

Dr Katie Sutton: German Language; Culture, Gender, Sexuality; European History (Excl. British, Classical Greek And Roman)

Dr Fabricio Tocco : Latin American Studies (Incl. Brazil); Literature in Spanish and Portuguese; Literary and Political Theory; Comparative Literature; Popular Genres in Literature and Cinema; Literature and History; Gender Studies; Critical Theory; Post-Structuralism.

Professor Catherine Travis: Sociolinguistics; Functional Syntax; Language Contact, with particular focus on language variation and change in community languages and in ethnic varieties of English

Dr Zhengdao Ye: Linguistic Structures (Incl. Grammar, Phonology, Lexicon, Semantics); Lexicography; Language In Culture And Society (Sociolinguistics); Multicultural, Intercultural And Cross Cultural Studies; Translation And Interpretation Studies; Discourse And Pragmatics; Cognitive Sciences; Chinese Languages

Dr Thomas Nulley-Valdes: Literature In Spanish And Portuguese; Literary Theory; Comparative Literature Studies; Latin American History; Cultural Theory; Globalisation And Culture; Hermeneutic And Critical Theory; History Of Ideas; Iberian Languages

Dr Francesco Ricatti: Migration History; Transnational History; Australian History; Migrant Cultural Studies; Multicultural, Intercultural And Cross Cultural Studies; Italian Language

Associate Professor Caillan Davenport: Head of the Centre for Classical Studies; Roman history; Roman emperors and the imperial court; Greek and Roman historiography; Roman letter-writing; comparative study of monarchies and court societies.

Dr Tom Geue: Senior Lecturer in Classics; Late Republican and Imperial literature and culture (Latin and Greek), Roman satire, anonymous and pseudonymous texts, Roman slavery, authorship, autobiography, politics, literary theory (esp. Marxist criticism), classical reception, writing cultures, graffiti, early Christianity.

Dr Estelle Strazdins: Lecturer in Classics; Greek Literature and Cultural History; the Eastern Roman Empire; Monuments, Memory, Commemoration; Reception & the Classical Tradition; Identity & Ethnicity; Literary Landscapes.

Dr Tatiana Bur: Lecturer in Classics; ancient Greek history; ancient Greek religion; Greek and Roman science and technology, especially mechanics; intersection of science and religion in antiquity.

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