ANU Linguistics Seminar Series

ANU Linguistics Seminar Series

The ANU Linguistics seminar series aims to provide a venue to share the research outcomes from the linguists working at ANU and to welcome presentations from other linguists in Australia and around the world.

We welcome research on all the natural languages of the world, oral or signed, and we aim to foster debate among diverse frameworks and linguistics schools.

Seminars are held in-person in the AD Hope Conference Room 1.28

Semester 2 Schedule

August 4th
Jennifer Sander
The Social Origin of Sign Language Acquisition: Visual Attention, Individual Differences, Developmental Changes

August 11th
Felicity Meakins
Detecting direction: How Gurindji people draw on the earth’s magnetic field

August 18th
Harold Koch
Nominal privative suffixes as a diachronic source of verbal negative markers: Evidence from Australian languages

August 25th
Charles Kemp
Word meanings across languages support efficient communication

September 1st
Amina Mettouchi

September 22nd
Mike Proctor
‘Pealing lips’ and ‘leaping pills’: new insights into lateral approximants

September 29th
Thesis Presentation Day (Honours & Masters Advanced)

October 6th
Mae Carroll
Linguistic comprehension and the typology of exponence

October 13th
Julia Miller
PARADISEC: introduction, updates, exciting projects

October 20th
Gerry Docherty

October 27th
Danielle Barth

Past events

Sampling variability, reliability, validity and uncertainty for forensic text comparison: From likelihood ratio to Bayes factor

19 May 2023

In the likelihood ratio (LR) framework, the task of the forensic scientist is to provide an estimate of the weight of evidence to the court. When the...

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Little Kids Learning Languages

12 May 2023

This project aims to better understand the input young children receive in Warlpiri and  Arrernte families in Central Australia. We take a repertoire approach...

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From alienation to inclusive learner community: Lessons from multiethnic bilingual education classrooms

31 Mar 2023

The Sri Lankan public education system is highly segregated along language, ethnicity and religion primarily due to the medium of instruction.  In this...

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The birth of a new word/concept in Awiakay cosmology

24 Mar 2023

How and why do new words and concepts enter a language? What are the socio-cultural processes behind it? I will try to illuminate the answers to these...

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Understanding the conceptual basis of treasurer Jim Chalmers' Monthly essay "Capitalism after the Crises" (Feb 2023): a semantic perspective

17 Mar 2023

In early February, 2023, the Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers penned a 6000-word essay in The Monthly entitled ‘Capitalism after the Crises’. Chalmers’ linking...

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Linguistic diversity in child language acquisition research

10 Mar 2023

An adequate theory of child language acquisition presupposes an evidential base that is representative of the typological diversity present in the world’s...

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Cross-dialectal convergence in L1 and L2 speakers

3 Mar 2023

This study asks whether first and second language speakers would converge equally across dialect boundaries. To investigate this I ran a shadowing task in...

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The company words keep: studying semantic change in Portuguese and Spanish

11 Nov 2022

In recent years, researchers investigating changes in word meaning have employed computational methods to identify instances of change and to trace patterns of...

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Language Revitalization and Cultural Activism: The Afro-Bolivian Spanish Case

14 Oct 2022

During the past two decades, some Afro-Hispanic languages have slowly entered the process of official recognition in Latin America (Dijkhoff & Pereira 2010...

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The flexibility of acoustic boundaries in multilingual speech

23 Sep 2022

When multilingual speakers are using two or three languages itis not surprising that their linguistic systems interact. In terms of theirsound systems, the...

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