Centre for Classical Studies Research Seminar Series


Tatiana Bur
Centre for Classical Studies Research Seminar Series

Centre for Classical Studies Research Seminar Series 2024

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For more information on distinguished lecture by Dr Lucy Jackson (Durham University) please visit here.

Upcoming events

Evaluating workplace relationships in the Homeric Iliad: bringing together digital approaches and social and cognitive theory

3.15–4.15pm 1 May 2024

In this paper I bring together a cluster of verbal behaviours in the Homeric Iliad, a recent psychological study of four interrelated modes of communication in...

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Past events

Alex Grigor (ANU) - ‘Achilles in Rome: Exploring 1st century CE Roman Representations of the Hero’

17 Apr 2024

In the century following the publication of Virgil’s Aeneid, there ensued a proliferation of literary and artistic works centred around the Trojan War and its...

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Associate Professor Catherine Frieman (ANU) - Resisting romanisation: Cornish kinship and connectivity at the edge of Empire

20 Mar 2024

With the Roman invasion of Britain in the first centuries AD, we see a clear transformation in settlement patterns, social practices, artefact forms and...

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Prof. Hartmut Leppin (Goethe University) - ‘Emperor Maurice: from failure to holiness’

21 Feb 2024

‘Emperor Maurice: from failure to holiness’ Although Emperor Maurice (582-602) emerged as one of the preeminent military leaders in late antiquity, and...

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Hippolytus’ Meadows: Weaving together Aesthetics and Ascetics in Christian reuses of Euripides’ ‘chastity hymn’ (Eur. Hippolytus 61-87)”

1 Nov 2023

In Euripides’ Hippolytus, the titular character enters on stage singing a hymn to Artemis with his hunting companions. He then proceeds to offer a garland to...

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Order and Disorder: Aspects of Homeric Hospitality

25 Oct 2023

Homeric hospitality is a total social phenomenon in which interactions with the ‘other’ are regulated to maintain social order and to confer mutual benefits on...

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The Enslaved Muse: Apostrophe and Authorship in Latin Literature

18 Oct 2023

The Muse is part of the furniture of classical poetry. By the time of Virgil, we barely notice she is there, and her importance as a repository of poetic...

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Plautus in space: comic discourse and the expansion of Rome

11 Oct 2023

It is well established that the defeat over Carthage in the 2nd Punic War marks a watershed moment for Roman and wider Mediterranean history. The centripetal...

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Coming to see the temple of Djoser: making graffiti in ancient Memphis over three millennia

27 Sep 2023

The desert plateau of Saqqara, to the west of the ancient capital of Memphis in Egypt, is saturated with graffiti, stretching in date from the 3rd Millennium...

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TPR Presentation: Homer and the Headless Monk

20 Sep 2023

Ancient Greek myths, including stories told in the Iliad and the Odyssey, have been sources of inspiration and adaptation throughout the ages for works of...

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The Emperor Writes Back: Changing Strategies of Political Communication from Augustus to Late Antiquity

30 Aug 2023

The appearance, character, and behaviour of Roman emperors were mocked and criticised in pamphlets, poetry, chants, and graffiti. The ideal ruler was supposed...

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The Political Bee: Apicultural Knowledge and Human Politics and in Ancient Greece

16 Aug 2023

My presentation revolves around a peculiar human habit that seems to have been popular in the ancient world but that is still with us today: attributing...

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A Hero for Our Times: The Emperor and Epic in Late Antiquity

2 Aug 2023

There has always been overlap between epic and panegyric.  The classical definition of epic, Vergil’s ‘kings and battles’ (Ecl. 6.3), just as easily defines...

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Roman-Persian Relations: The Example of the Emperor Jovian (363-364) and the Syriac Julian Romance

7 Jun 2023

The Roman emperor Jovian (AD 363-364) only ruled for eight months and has not received much attention in scholarship. However, his reign is more than a...

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Ancilia, authenticity, and aura: the sacred shields of ancient Rome and the idea of the perfect copy

31 May 2023

Questions about the role of copies in how we study the ancient Roman world have been asked for hundreds of years. Stretching from the ancient Roman ‘copies’ of...

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Classics in Sri Lanka: Classical Reception of Three Modern Sri Lankan Anglophone Female Poets

24 May 2023

In my thesis, I explore how three modern Sri Lankan Anglophone female writers, Jean Arasanayagagam (1931-2009), Kamala Wijeratne (1939), and Kamani Jayasekara...

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Technologies of the Marvellous in Ancient Greek Religion

10 May 2023

This talk will offer an overview of my forthcoming monograph Technologies of the Marvellous in Ancient Greek Religion. The book examines the ways that...

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Caesar’s Experiments in Crafting a New Model Warrior

26 Apr 2023

Towards the end of Rome’s republic, Sallust delivers a familiar litany bemoaning the fallen military ideal: ambitious men now seek personal glory and wealth,...

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Contemporary Craft for Experimental Archaeology: Understanding Metalsmithing in Bronze Age Crete

19 Apr 2023

In the ANU Classics Museum, parked conspicuously in a case of Bronze Age artefacts, is a large copper vase—a modern vessel modelled after a Minoan bronze...

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Chios: Island and polis in the Archaic and Classical periods

29 Mar 2023

Epichoric histories aim to interpret localised phenomena and ask questions about specific places or people rather than establish generalised trends. Epichoric...

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Episcopal petitions to the emperor: norm, practice and representation

8 Mar 2023

Join us for the first ANU Classics Centre Research Seminar for the year, presented by Dr Fabian Schulz. This presentation runs for one hour in the AD Hope...

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